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To Martaphon you everywhere, these days are the most important. You often have the problem of Battery. You are in no position to be power bank. Prob Kottapuram is increased if you don’t charge fast in your phone. If there is a required message or call, it does not understand. The net is also battery 3 per cent in the phone and you can do nothing. In such a way you find somewhere to place a charger but the question arises from how to fast-charge the phone.

We will show you in this article how the Android phone can be charged in a while, just to let you know this trick:

Do not use wireless charger-yes, do not use wireless charger to charge the phone during an emergency. This technical, fast power cannot be accessed by phone and is less sentient than the USB cable. Therefore, charge fast with wire charging, if you need to charge.

Fast Charger-these days the market is Android the phone’s smart charger regularly less time to charge the phone than quickly. You may want to put this type of charger in your bag for such a statement.

Using wall Charger-all Android charger is a universal fitting as the default. The phone gets a charge soon. But it does not have the power to charge the phone with Phatak. USB 2.0 port from 2.5 kilowatt power or USB 3.0 port from 4.5 kilowatt power, the phone does not have to be charged immediately. Therefore, it would be better to use a wall charger.

Veach off-This is a old way but always effective. If you have to charge your phone with a fast, veach your phone and put it on charging. You can also put airplane lane in turn.

Airplane mode-airplaneing the phone on Lane mode, the connection is removed from all kinds of networks and takes less time to charge. At this point, you can easily access the items in the phone when you don’t find a phone call or message.

Power saving mode turns on-android the phone has power saving mode, which you can make active. This would reduce baitri consumption in the phone and would not take too long to charge you the phone.

Turn off unsolicited features-you’re not using the features or the app, turn them off or uninstall. The Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth need to be on. This saves a lot of Baitri and takes less time to charge the phone.

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