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Kilowatt-hour quantity or unit

1 kilowatt hour quantity or 1 unit, which is the amount of electric energy, which is spent in 1 circuit in one circuit, while the circuit has 1 kilometer power, therefore,

KWD Qty = Volt × Ampere × D hours / 1,000 = Watt dh / 1000

Effects of electric current

Magnetic effect

A magnetic field is generated around each of the circulating strings.

Scientific Orsted used an important experiment to find out that if a magnetic needle is placed near a cyclonic wire then it gets distracted, since the magnetic needle can only be distracted by the magnetic field, so it is clear that electric current magnetic Generates the area. This phenomenon is called the magnetic effect of electricity.

Lawrence Force

When a charged particle moves in a magnetic field, then there is a force attached to it, called the Lawrence force. This force is inversely proportional to the charge of the particle, its move and intensity of the magnetic field.


A nebulous iron cord is called an electromagnet. They are used in factories, hospitals, electric bells, wire transmissions, transformers, dynamos, telephones etc.


An electric circuit is a sensitivity device telling the presence of electric current. In this there is a rectangular horoscope located in the middle of the magnetic poles. Both ends of the horoscope are connected to the composite leaves by spring. An indicator is also connected to the horoscope, which, on a semicircular scale, tells the presence of current. Therefore, with the help of this device, the current can be measured to 10-6 amps.


A shunt climber is called ammeter. There is a scale in it, on which a needle rotates. With this help, the value of the stream is known in the ampere. The resistance of an ideal meter is very low. Ammeter is applied in the circuit in the electric circuit.

Use of shunt

The shunt protects the strainer from the higher currents, because it flows through most parts of the mainstream. With the resistance of the shunt decreasing, the total resistance of the shuttled streammap becomes very less.


The Voltmeter is made by adding a high resistance to the grade of the strainer. On its scale, it is scaled in volts to read the horoscope between any two points of the circuit.

The resistance of voltmeter is very high. Adds it between these two points in a parallel sequence, among which there is a need to know the difference.

Electromagnetic induction

If the magnetic flux passing through a closed circuit is changed, then an electric current is generated in the circuit, which is called the induced current. Electric current is produced by the change of magnetic flux. Hence, this phenomenon of generating electricity is called electromagnetic induction.

V.B. generated in magnetic flux change Is called motivated electric carrier force. Circumcised electric current exists only until the flux changes.

Faraday’s rules of electromagnetic induction

First rule: When a magnetic flux associated with a horoscope changes, an induced electric carrier force is generated in that horoscope.

Second law: Induced electric carrier force is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux.

Inspired v. Wb \\ E = NΔφ Δt \\ E = NΔφ Δt
Where N = the number of turns of the horoscope and the rate of Δφ ΔtΔφ Δt = flux change.

Value of induced electric current –

Induced current (i) = eR = NR [Δφ Δt ] (i) = eR = NR [Δφ Δt ]
Where R = Resistance of the circuit.

Value of induced electrical charge –

Induced electric charge (q) = i Δr

Lange’s law

The direction of the induced electric carrier force is always such that it opposes the reason that it has originated.


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