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Fleming’s right hand rule

If the thumb, index finger and middle finger fingers of right hand should be transmitted perpendicularly in such a way that the thumb displays the direction of the conductor and direction of the direction of the magnetic field, then the middle finger is inspired by V.V. Will display the direction of force.

Inspired V.V.B.

In the magnetic field, at the end of the dynamic driver V.V. Is generated. In the directional direction of magnetic field B v vb generated at the velocity of the dynamic driver. Received from the following formula –

V = vBL where L is the length of the conductor, if in vm / second, b weber / m2 and in l meter then the driver’s vb. Will get in Volt.

If the driver moves from the magnetic field to the beta angle, then the motivated potential V = vBL Sin beta.


Self induction

This is the phenomenon in which the change in the flux generated from its own stream, inspired by a circuit, Is born. The flux related to a rod horoscope is proportional to the current flowing in it. Where L is the determinant, which is called self-induction coefficient of coil or self-motivation. Its alphabet is the alphabet.

Intercourse induction

The occurrence of induced electric carrier force in the second horoscope by changing the current in a horoscope is called interaction induction.

Transcendental inductance coefficient: The intermediate motivation between the two horoscopes is numerically similar to that induced voltage generated in a horoscope. Is equal to, which is due to

the rate of change of the integer stream in the second horoscope.

Thermal effect

When the electric current is flowing in a conductor, then the dynamic electrons constantly collide with the atom of the conductor and in this process transfer their energy driver’s atoms. This increases the heat of the conductor. This phenomenon of heat acceleration is called the thermal effect of electric current. Thus, electrical energy is converted into thermal energy. If the resistance of the wire is R om and 1 ampere stream is flowing in it, then 12R Jou heat will be generated in every second wire, which we can also call 0.24 12R calories.

The thermal effects of electric current are used in home appliances such as electric heater, electric press, bulb, tub-light etc.

Electric heater

An electric heater is used in many forms. There is a gluten plate of an electrothermal substance like Plaster of Paris, in which the spiral wire of an alloy nitroma is inserted. When connecting both ends of the wire to the power supply mains, it turns out to be red due to excessive resistance and gives excessive heat.

Electrical press

The Nystrom wire is wrapped on the plate of asbestos in the electric press. This plate is placed inside the iron or steel coat. Above the cover is to catch a handicap material. When the stream flows in the wire, it starts heating and gives heat. It is used to press the clothes in the houses.

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