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Android phone has many times prob kottapuram that are very common and disturbing to every user. In fact, there is a martaphon device that sometimes remains likely to have a problem.

In such a way we are going to tell you what kind of problem you are taking, so that your Android phone runs good. Problems with Android phones and their diagnostics:

Baitri CSK-Many users have the problem that their phone’s baitri is not very much. They have to put it on charging at least twice a day. If this is the case, please note the comments below.
Go to Settings.
Click Locations.
Turn on Baitri saving twist.
Import the Brighton, reduce the auto Brighton. Turn off the internet, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi grind.

Frozen and low user interface-Sometimes the internal is filled storage in the phone and they have to be taken. You have to delete several apps or move them in the Maikroesadi card or in the cloud. To avoid this problem, follow the following tricks: Go to your phone’s settings.
Import an app.
Import Kaichi memory and restore it.
Do this in every app.
The memory of your phone will be emptied.

Providing ish U-if you have providing ish u in your Android phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Internet connection, NOC the phone tart, or connect to the network again by entering the airplane lane mode.

Message Sendig fell-resend them if you are not send on an app or when normal messages are sent. If it doesn’t happen, veach the phone off and on.

Sync Irar-If your phone doesn’t sync fast, first check your Internet connection. Then, www.cic.gov.in sync settings for every app in your phone. Sometimes the app’s sync settings have the option of syncing once a day in import. If so, let’s put it on the week sink.

Ape crash-a number of times Android phones are complaining to the app. Every user should note that he updates the app from time to time and Dik proper in an app run, then install it by uninstall on the same date. It will prob Kottapuram solver.

Don’t get NOC pon on screen-you can also call this problem a phone hang. If you do something on the screen but do not have a NOC pon, tart the phone NOC and remove it from charging. Sometimes, this issue occurs during charging.

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