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The phone becomes smart or normal, it is sad. This experience will not happen to everyone, but what has happened is the public that this is the worst feeling. For this, when you file a police report, it is often seen that you ask a IMEI number or Amiaidi number. You may be able to get your phone back. You may have trouble if you do not have numbers.

It is better for you to keep your phone’s IMEI and MEID number for such a situation. If you are using a Android smartphone or iphone, you can easily find the phone’s IMEI and MEID number. For this we are going to tell you these ways.

By dialing the code you can find out the phone’s IMEI or MEID number by putting this universal code on any smartphone. You only have to dial * 06.

The IMEI will show you the IMEI or MEID number of the phone on a new window. You can save this number somewhere.

iphone 5, 5c, 5एस and original are the iphone for iphone, with IMEI numbers provided. This number is turned down on his back. If you MEID, leave only the last digit of the same number.

View the barcode if your phone is lost, and you have never noted its IMEI number, you can also locate the number from the phone box. A barcode is made on the phone’s box.

Android phone you can see the IMEI number by going to settings if you are a Android user. Go to Settings about phone, then you will get to the IMEI information by going to the status, here you will find the number.

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