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Properties of magnet

Magnetism and magnetism

Natural and artificial magnet: Natural magnet is a black stone found in nature, which attracts small pieces of iron on itself. This stone is iron oxide. It has no fixed shape, some substances are made magnetically by artificial methods, they are called artificial magnet. These are of different shapes, such as the rod magnet, horse nal, magnetic needle etc. The power to attract their iron pieces, the natural magnets are much more than that.

Properties of magnet

Magnet attracts iron: This quality is called magnetism. The magnetism near the ends of the magnet is highest and in the middle it is low. There is no magnetism in the middle of the middle. In areas where magnetism is the highest at the ends of the magnet, the regions are called the poles of the magnet.
On the horizontal plane of the magnet hanging freely, its North Pole is always on the north side and the South Dhruva always stands towards the south. The Dhruv, which pays north, is called the North Pole and the Dhruv towards south is called the South Dhruv, both of the magnet The line joining the poles is called a magnetic axis.
The zodiac pole (north-south) of two magnets attracts each other and the homogeneous pole (North-North or South-Southern) repels each other.
Magnet produces magnetism by induction in magnetic substances.
There is no existence of a single magnetic poles – if we break a rod magnet from the middle to two parts then its north-south poles will not be different, but each part will be a full magnet, in which both poles will be, if we Even if you break each of these parts again, even then each small part will be a full magnet. It is clear from that we can never separate the poles of magnet separately.

When soft iron rods are placed in an identical magnetic field, the concentration of magnetic force lines within the rod increases, rather than outside. On the contrary, when the aluminum rods are placed in this magnetic field, then the concentration of magnetic force lines within the rod decreases in comparison to the outside.

Soft iron magnetism is high. 

Aluminium is less acidic.

This property of matter, due to which the concentration of magnetic force lines increases or decreases within them, called magnetism. Magnetic force lines also pass through the vacuum. Therefore, the vacuum also has the properties of magnetism.

Magnetic tendency

The magnetic tendency is that physical amount, which tells how a substance receives magnetism with ease. By using magnetic force, materials such as iron, aluminum, etc. can be magnetized. If the magnetic force magnetizing H and the intensity of the generated magnetic field is 1-

Magnetic Tendency x = 1 / H = Determinant

Magnetic substance

There are three types of substances based on the magnetic tendency – counterpartial, anatomical, and magnetic-magnetic.

Antibiotic substance

When these substances are magnetized by putting an external magnetic field, then the magnetic field inside them is contrary to the external charged magnetic field.


The direction of the induced magnetic field inside these substances is in the direction of the external charged magnetic field.

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