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Electric current generates a magnetic field. Electromagnetic compounds are made by this magnetic effect of electric current. To make an electromagnet, the copper wire is wrapped around it with the rod of a soft iron horse. When the electric current is flowing through connecting the ends of the wire to a battery, the cord rods become electromagnet. When the stream is closed in the wire, the magnetic properties of the rods are eliminated. Many applications are seen in the daily life of electromagnets. The electromagnet is used to remove iron pellets in the ear, ear or part of the body. Electromagnetism is also used in carrying large pieces of iron or steel from one place to another in large factories. Apart from this, electromagnet is also installed in many electrical appliances such as electric gear, transformer etc.

Magnetic needle

Magnetic needle is used to find the direction. It always stays in the north-south direction. There is a small box of glass, in which a needle is attached. If we rotate the earth with a magnetic needle, the needle becomes perpendicular to the surface of the earth, in two places of the earth, these places are called magnetic poles of the earth.

Types of magnet

Normally some magnetic properties are found in substances. On the basis of which the substances can be divided into the following three parts-

Per-magnetic substances: Per-magnetic substances are substances that, when placed in the magnetic field, are magnetized in the opposite direction of the area. Examples of zinc, extinguish, copper, silver, gold, diamond, salt, water etc. are magnetic materials.
Anatomical substance: Alchemical substances are substances that, when placed in the magnetic field, are magnetized slightly in the direction of the field. Examples of non-malignant substances such as sodium, aluminum, manganese, copper chloride etc.
Ferromagnetic substances: Ferromagnetic substances are substances that are magnetized strongly in the direction of the field on the magnetic field. There are examples of iron, nickel, cobalt etc.
Domains: The innumerable, microscopic structures of atoms within the iron magnetic substances are called domains. In one domain there are atoms from 1018 to 1021. The magnetic properties of iron-magnetic materials are due to the interchange and rotation of these domains.

Steady power

Electrification from friction

The electrical effect generated from friction is well known. After cleaning dry hair with a hard rubber compound that combes hair, it has been noticed that it attracts very small fragments of paper. The reason for this is that after the rubbing of dry hair the electric charge is in the comb. Similarly, the plastic made pen shows the effect of rub on the surface of the wool coat. Rubbing also comes from electric charges. After dry days, electric spark can be seen easily with night’s sound.

Electricity generated from mutually rubbing in two different substances is called stable electrode. According to the nature of these substances, one of them comes with the money charge and the other on the loan charge. For example, if the glass rod is rubbed with silk clothes, the charge of the rod is equal to the amount of money charged in money and silk cloth. On the ebony rod rubbing the ebony rod with flannel, the amount of money charged on the loan charge and flannel is charged. There is attraction between mutual repulsion and opposite charges in the same charges.

Electric friction by friction can be explained on the basis of the transfer of electrons. Some electrons of the rod are transmitted in a silk cloth to the glass rod with silk, so that due to the lack of electrons in the rod and due to the receipt of electrons, the amount of credit charge in the silk cloth comes in equal proportion.

Using the metal hollow driver charged with electrifying electricity, it has been found that the charge comes completely on the outer surface of the conductor and the internal surface becomes discharged.

When a fall on a car falls on the person sitting in it, the effect of electrification is prevented because all the charge generated by the lightning holes remain on the outer surface of the car and the land can be transferred to the land by land contact is.

Charging the cone-shaped driver, it is seen that the furrow is higher on the top and near the charge, while relatively low on the spherical surface. If impulse is increased on this conical driver, the pointed edges will not only damage the charge, it is also a collector of charge. The driver-driver is based on this principle.


The two light clouds or lighted clouds are not large, but there is a great non-proliferation process between the earth. The use of a conductor is used to protect high motors from the breakage caused by lightning. In the lightning conductor, the thick leaf of copper is applied to the outer wall of the building from the top of the building to the ground. This copper-plate is installed on the ceiling of the building with a lot of sharp edges or trident and is placed directly above the ground and near the lower end of the ground, take the bottom of the ground and add it to the copper plates. On passing through the cloud of charged cloud, the driver-driver takes charge and flows it to the ground. Thus, the tall building is preserved safely.

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