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Sometimes it happens that even after putting the phone on charging, the phone does not charge correctly. If this is not necessary, your phone may have gone bad or Battery week.

Many times too small because the phone is not charged. We are going to tell you that if your phone is not charging correctly, you should first take note of the things:

Remove dust or lint if your phone stays in your jeans or pockets, then it’s chances to be lint or dusters. Therefore, clear the boiling of the mobine with a fine brush. Because lint or dust can block the port, so the phone does not charge correctly.

Change the cable if you are proper dik in charging the phone, change the cable. This will make a difference. Sometimes it is dik proper to use the cable that comes with the phone until the Long Bay.

Remove the adapter dust, change the cable and view it, but the phone is still not charged, and try to replace the adapter of your charger and charge it with any other adapter.

Baitri is an limit of the baitri of any phone, the problem may occur if your phone is out of date. By changing the Baitri, if the phone is backed by the right, it is clear that you will have new Baitri in the phone.

Do not charge the phone accurately charging source anywhere by associating your charger with waste wire. Always on the charging of the phone from the wall socket, it will be able to charge in a proper manner.

Kailibret Baitri In some cases, the baitri level of the phone does not show up correctly. You should see how long the phone goes after charging you.

A water problem sometimes stops the phone charging by having the water fall in the phone. You should open the phone and dry it, and the Baitri should also be changed. It will not bring moisture to the phone and will be charged to the right.

Turn off the device if your phone does not charge or charge a slower charge, veach it off. This will charge the fullscreen and you will also feel how long it is going to be in charge of the first.

Roll back the new Android version or software, Havock with Baitri life. Especially, outdated devices do not opt temige to take advantage of new software. In this Android, you can roll back the software so that fasts are charged again.

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