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Energy is transferred from one place to another by waves. Waves are of many types, such as water waves, sound waves, light waves and radio waves. Waves can be divided mainly into two parts-

Mechanical waves
Non-systemic waves or electromagnetic waves
Mechanical waves

If a stone piece is thrown into the water of a calm river or pond, where a rock falls, a barrier is generated at that place. Without any disturbance, someone changes their way, starts moving towards the outside and reaches the edge. Thus, astrology in any medium is called a mechanical wave.

Types of mechanical waves – Mechanical waves are mainly of two types – (1) Transverse waves (2) Longitudinal waves.

Transverse waves

When the particles of the medium vibrate vertically in the direction of the wave movement, when the mechanical wave is transmitted through any medium, then the wave is called the transverse wave. These waves can only be produced in solids and can be produced on the surface of the liquid. Transverse waves are transmitted in the form of horn and trough.

Longitudinal waves: When the mechanical waves run through a medium such that the particles of the medium vibrate parallel to the direction of the wave, then such waves are called longitudinal waves. Longitudinal waves can be generated in all mediums, the waves produced in the air are longitudinal waves. Seismic waves, waves produced in spring also have longitudinal waves.

Accelerated waves: The waves of high pressure, which are caused by moving at a rapid pace of an object in a gas or liquid substance, are known as accelerated waves. Accelerated waves are produced when an object is in the gas or fluid, more than the speed of the sound. These are called pressure waves also. These waves are very much energy. Thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions and lightning fall due to the rising waves. These waves are very fatal. Each year hundreds of people die and hundreds of millions of rupees are destroyed.

Accidents also occur during supersonic aircraft flight You must have heard the cranky sound suddenly on the exit of these planets in light. This is called a sonic boom. The windows of the house windows are broken by the Sonic Boom.

Accidents are also caused by the explosion, many km from these waves Remote buildings can also be damaged. These waves can be experienced even if the bullet shot is too much. When the movement of water in a motor boat is too high, the impact of accelerated waves appears on the water surface.

Severe earthquakes occur due to earthquake. Thousands of people can die from accelerated waves produced during the explosion of atom bombs and hydrogen bombs.


Ultrasonic waves

The ultrasound or ultrasonic waves, also called ultrasound, were first produced by Gault. Their frequency is more than 20,000 Hz. Initially, he was known as Gault whistle. Nowadays, ultrasonic waves of different frequencies are made, quatz crystals are dualized Karak. The wavelength of ultrasonic waves in the air is 1.6 cm Less than.

The wavelength of these waves is low and the frequency is high, so the energy contained in them is also high. These waves have the ability to do such things, which can not be done with simple sound waves.

They are used to measure the depth of the ocean and to detect the snowstorms, rocks, giant fish and submarines hidden in sea water. For this purpose, the signals of ultrasonic waves are sent and these items are detected by taking converting waves and measuring the time of the arrival of the waves and the distance of these objects. Dangers present in thick and thick sheets of metals are also detected by these waves.

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