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By cleaning ultrasonic waves, small dust particles of dust and coal in the air, by cleaning the gauze on the air in the haze, helps to get rid of the ships safely.

Pumps of complex machines and internal parts of the aircraft are also cleaned by these waves. They are also used to kill small insects.

Nowadays, ultrasonic waves are being used for the treatment and diagnosis of medical science in the name of ultrasound. They are being used extensively for non-bleeding operation, to detect tumor conditions, tooth decay etc. Ultrasound is also used to look at objects that we can not see in general. In the hospital the child is examined by the scanner in the womb. The child’s status appears on the screen. These waves do not have deadly effects on the body, like X-rays. Astral disorders are also detected by ultrasonic waves.

Valuable optical components are also cleaned with ultrasonic waves. Nowadays, holes in these machines have also started to be created. Thus ultrasonic waves have proved to be very useful for us.


The distance covered by the wave as a full vibration of any particle of the medium is known as the triangle. Display it with λ (lambda).

Frequency: The amount of vibrations vibrating in the medium of one medium is called frequency and it displays it by f.

All types of waves have the following relation between wave velocity, wavelength and frequency –

Velocity of wave = frequency × wavelength

Periodic Period: A particle vibrating the medium takes as much time to complete a vibration, it is called a rotator, it displays it by T.

Dimension: When a longitudinal or transverse waves are transmitted in any medium then all the particles of the medium start vibrating.

The more particle of the medium displaces the more on either side of its equinox, the distance is called the dimension, the dimension is displayed by ‘d’.

Electromagnetic spectrum

In the light of the sun, the spectrum ranges from red to purple color. This spectrum is called visual spectrum. The length of the longest wavelength in the red color of the visible spectrum is approximately 7.8 × 10-7 meters and the minimum wavelength in purple is approximately 4.0 × 10-7 meters. Scientists have discovered that the spectrum of sunlight is not limited to red color to purple color, but it is also spread far beyond the red and below the purple color. The retina of these parts of the spectrum has no effect on the retina. So they are called invisible spectrum. Ultraviolet spectrum is part of the large wavelength part on the red color, and the small wavelength portion below the purple color is called ultraviolet spectrum. All radiations (electromagnetic waves, including the visual spectrum) are

Electromagnetic waves

Mechanical waves require any medium for transmission, but in addition to mechanical waves there are also some waves, which do not require any medium for transmission and those waves can also be transmitted. These are called electromagnetic waves. These waves are transverse systems arising from the magnetic and oscillation of electric areas. Summon waves are examples of waves. All electromagnetic waves move with the same trick and their movements are equal to three lakh kilometers per second of light. The circumference complex of these waves is very wide. Their campus ranges from 10-14 meters to 104 meters. Some major electromagnetic waves are the following:

Gamma Radiation: The radiation is the electromagnetic waves of extremely shortwave. Their wavelength complex ranges from 1014 meters to 10-10 meters. Due to very low wavelength, these rays have excessive energy, so that they cross the iron sheets. 1212
X-ray: X-rays were discovered by Röntgen. The range of these ranges from 10-9 meters to 10-8 meters. These rays are widely used in the medical and industrial sectors.
Ultraviolet waves: The ultrasonic irradiation was discovered by the Reiter. The wavelength of these waves ranges from 10-8 meters to 10-7 meters. These waves are produced from sunlight, electro immersion, vacuum, spark etc.
Visual radiation: We can see visual radiation with our eyes. It was discovered by Newton. The wavelength complex of visual radiation ranges from 4 × 10-7 meters to 7.8 × 10-7 meters. Properties are reflected in reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, polarization, visual sensing. These radiation heat evaporates from objects. Radiation sources are sun, stars, flames, electric bulbs, arc-lamps, etc.
Infrared radiation: These rays were discovered by William Herschel in 1940. Their wavelength area ranges from 7.8 × 10-7 meters to 10-3 meters. The waves, which are used to heat the substances on high heat. Due to the excessive strength of these rays, these dense fog and haze pass through. These rays are used to send signals far and wide in times of war. They are also used in hospitalizing patients and fogging in the fields.
Hertz or Short Radio waves – These waves were discovered by William Hertz in 1888

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